Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Maple syrup time again

DH tapped the trees first to mid February.

The sap has been running strong until today.  The sap has just dried up.  It's that time of year.

We have made syrup and then with some of the syrup made caramels.

My caramel recipe

about 6 cups maple syrup (give or take)
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup milk
1/4 cup butter
(I think all of these could be changed up a bit as I didn't really measure.  I just poured until it looked right)

cook over medium heat stirring often to a firm ball
( I used my grandmothers method with a cup of cold water)

turn off the heat 
stir in 1 tsp of vanilla
Pour into a buttered pan and let sit.

These are wonderful maple caramels - they taste like an all-day sucker.
a little bird


  1. I love maple syrup and I really love, I can just imagine how wonderful that candy is tasting...Enjoy..
    I bet this is so interesting to do..

  2. We were both raised in the northern mid-west so remember our growing up years seeing all the maple trees tapped every spring. We have four large sugar maples in our yard so thought we would give it a try a few years back. It has worked really well for us. About the time we're tired of messing with it the sap stops running. God is so good!



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