Saturday, February 16, 2013

Well I Never!

What is wrong with you people? They mean no harm!(Bitter draught, 1635's. Brouwer, 1605-1638. US public domain. life of artist+100yrs./photo reproduction.

With all the internet ordering I have done this is the first time I've had a bump in the road.

I placed an order that took almost five weeks to arrive (requiring many phone calls and emails to prompt shipping) and when it arrived today it was incomplete and incorrect... ARG. Growl. Fiddlesticks!

I paid with pay pal so hopefully they can help with the resolution of the order.    Just a bit frustrating because I wanted what I ordered.

We had a lovely date yesterday.  I need to read the Hobbit again.  There were parts I don't remember from the book but it has been years since I read it.  It is a book worth having in my library I need to see if I can find it used.

Hope you're having a great Saturday!
a little bird


  1. I've been very lucky with online orders. I bought some software on Amazon and what I received was used, and not even what I ordered. But within minutes of notifying Amazon, I had a pre-paid return label emailed to me. That is the only problem I have ever had.

    I'm glad to hear the movie was good. I read the book way back in 1972. I still have it. I also have a boxed set of the Lord of the Rings from the same time. I almost gave them to the Salvation Army many times, but for some reason decided I should keep them.


  2. I found the book at I'm going to place an order for it. I don't have it in my library but it is worth having. I think our grandchildren will enjoy it too when they are a bit older.



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